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Barovier&Toso is a Venetian company, worldwide known for its ancient origins which dated back to the Rainassance. Its prestigious solutions of decorative lighting in Murano glass are characterised by a passionate and unique style. Barovier&Toso is the leader of the top-range lighting sector, increasingly implementing its quality, style and innovation. The distinctive element of Barovier&Toso concerns the colour: every colour of the glass is made thanks to a particular natural mineral which allows the glass to obtain an extremely brilliant and clear shade (for example, the red glass is made by a combination of cadmium and selenium minerals). Through their experience and with the support of their creative and technical team, Barovier&Toso guarantees a special service to professional clients that need decorative lighting for projects. Barovier&Toso provides individualized support throughout the work stages, suggestions solutions, proposing stylistic alternatives and paying close attention to economic and other requirements of the principals.


Barovier&Toso strongly believe that every project requires a different approach: the personalising of catalogue products (colours, size and aesthetic adaptations) is the most immediate system for obtaining the ideal lighting solution for specific needs. Their products have been chosen by the most important designers of luxury goods and high fashion (such as Luis Vuitton, Dolce&Gabbana, Cartier) and the world’s main hotel chains (Marriot, Titz-Carlton and Four Seasons).

Ceiling lamps

Barovier&Toso lighting solutions are destined not only to luxury furnish ambiences, but also to make each daily room unique. A demonstration of the extraordinary versatility of a creation which is made to be admired, and not just to give light.

Table lamps

Even with the table lamp collection, Barovier&Toso interprets the tastes of the period by combining the Murano glass tradition with trends and innovations in style and technology allowing to enter a piece of history in every project.

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Certifications and trademarks

Barovier&Toso exports eighty per cent of its production, conforming to all standards imposed by the Countries in which they operate: IMQ, UL, CCC, KCC, SASO are some of the certifications that they have attained. Throughout the world, the Barovier&Toso brands are registered and protected, safeguarding clients as well as production.

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